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The Holo is a technology company with long-term experience in providing visual special solutions. We started creating web applications and importing holographic devices in Estonia and we have now obtained various LED technologies that enable companies to make their site more attractive and more visible. We have also developed a simple advertising space model - can be joined by anyone with a slightly more busy site and a need to earn extra income. We have strong partners in the European, US and Chinese markets, ensuring good value for money regarding all technologies.

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Holo devices with vibrant LED colours do not leave any bystander cold. Holo devices play the role of 'Call to Action' in the marketing world and will help you achieve the first necessary contact with the customer. The impact will certainly be reflected in your sales results.


We can integrate existing systems with various effective LED and LCD solutions. We create interfaces between different technologies. We can bring the best products in your product catalog to life with solutions that create a holographic effect and let customers browse them in a very playful way.


Do you want to integrate holographic devices with your system? We offer our development service and will find the most suitable solution for you.


We have strategic partners in China in the form of device manufacturers and factories. We are always looking the best value for money and guarantee the fastest delivery. By taking advantage of our partners great development capability, we can create different interfaces and special solutions that meet your requirements and help you succeed commercially.


We offer our customers a complete solution that includes 3D holographic devices, transparent and touch-sensitive LEDs and LCD screens with the required 2D or 3D content and applications.


We bring in 3D devices and transparent screens at reasonable prices and remarkably high brightness. With every solution we also offer accessories and full management.


We rent different solutions for you. Our short term rental model is suitable for many events, ranging from corporate parties to fairs. We offer effective glass solutions, single devices, holographic walls and transparent screens made up from several devices.


A device without proper content is useless by its own. Holo's experienced 3D team is able to produce content for you that will attract your customers attention and increase your sales. We also offer 'green screen' filmed solutions - bring people, animals, fairy tale characters to the holographic scene, everything you can imagine and also give them a voice. In addition, we offer a variety of 3D modeling, animation and video editing works, starting with modeling products, creating residential homes and special effects in movie scenes.


Do you have outstanding products, ideas or private home projects that you want to create 3D material for? The Holo team can transform your material to a high quality 3D content.

Our Innovative Wizards

Mart Sergo

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Ruuto

Chief Financial Officer

Janar Keel

Chief Sales Officer

Priidik Kasak


Rando Kraav

Chief Design Officer

Ago Timuska

Chief Innovation Officer

Taavi Kaarlõp


Martin Nisu

Chief Technology Officer

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If you want to see the solutions with your own eyes, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Tatarihub. Contact us and let us know!

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